I’m Dr. Rose.

What if you could feel into the unknown, see beyond the ordinary, and receive the wisdom of your own inner guidance?

Tarot Reading

You may think tarot cards are about fortune-telling.

But really, Tarot is a spiritual technology for meaningful insight from symbols and story.


My tarot work is rooted in symbolic interactionist ideas about emotions, identities, and change.

I offer sociologically-informed readings as a sacred container for self-discovery and empowerment.


Gain a fresh perspective on your experiences and the stories you tell yourself about the past.


Understand your personal relationships and circumstances as part of a bigger picture.


Tap into your ability to shape the future and achieve desired outcomes.


Explore your power of imagination as a transformational practice.

About Me

I started working with tarot cards at age 14, having received them as a gift from my mother. At first, I would simply draw pictures of the mysterious images and contemplate their meanings. This practice evolved into the art-journaling method I now teach students who want to read tarot cards for themselves and others.

Tarot symbolism inspired me to learn about the real-life significance of mythology, folklore, world religions, mysticism, astrology, alchemy, numerology, sacred geometry, and practical magic. In addition to these informal studies, I completed an interdisciplinary BA from UCF with a minor in women’s studies as well as both an MA and a PhD in sociology from OSU.

My approach to Tarot weaves hereditary lineages of energy healing and natural wellness together with personal life-lessons from the School of Hard Knocks and an abiding belief in the power of love. As a certified Qoya Movement teacher and a certified Death Midwife, I specialize in supporting clients to make peace with the past, get present, and face the future with eyes wide open.

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